Mary, A Life Close to Jesus
by Jose Antonio Loarte

posted by Webmaster on January 29th, 2024

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The following two paragraphs were taken from the eBook's Foreward.

It is not easy to write a life of Mary. Firstly, because the Gospels provide little information about the Mother of God and our mother, sufficient though it is to allow us to marvel at the holiness of the Virgin and nurture a filial devotion to her. In addition, there are books which have already been written on the life of Our Lady, which make use of the exegetical, historical and literary resources available. Since Vatican Council II, biblical studies have greatly enriched our knowledge of the Virgin of Nazareth, highlighting the most special place she occupies in history salvation.

These pages therefore do not claim to be a historical narrative of the earthly journey of the Mother of Jesus. They are, rather, a sketch written in a manner accessible to all, but rooted in the conclusions of the contemporary Mariology.

... This eBooks' Table of Contents are below.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • The Immaculate Conception
  • Birth of Mary
  • Presentation of Our Lady
  • Betrothal to Joseph
  • The Annunciation
  • Visitation to Saint Elizabeth
  • Birth of Christ
  • Jesus' Presentation in the Temple
  • Adoration of the Magi
  • Flight into Egypt
  • Return to Nazareth
  • Jesus with Doctors of the Law
  • The Nazareth Years
  • Wedding Feast at Cana
  • Beside the Cross of Jesus
  • Burial of Christ
  • Christ's Resurrection and Ascension
  • The Coming of the Holy Spirit
  • Dormition and Assumption
  • Coronation and Queenship

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