24-Lesson Study Group Sessions

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Catholic Small Group Study Sessions

Please read these instructions carefully and thoroughly.

The study sessions by My Catholic Life! are designed for the purpose of helping small groups of the faithful join together to reflect upon and study the Catholic faith. These sessions can also be used in conjunction with the R.C.I.A. Guide for those preparing to become Catholic.

The entire series is broken up into eight sessions per book, with three books: 24 sessions total are provided in all. A thorough reading of each volume/chapter and the subsequent group discussion should equip participants with a basic understanding of all the essential teachings of our Catholic faith.

Each study session should take no longer than an hour and a half (1.5 hours) and should be held at a comfortable location, ideally a church or home. The same basic structure will guide each meeting. Each participant should come prepared by having read the chapter at least once befor the group meeting and, ideally, have taken some notes and prepared some questions.

All sections of this series may also be copied and printed for use at any Catholic church or institution throughout the world as long as it is not published or sold. Included is a suggested 24-week format covering the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church. You're encouraged to use the Small Group Study format for group discussion.


Part I. My Catholic Faith!

  1. Session 1. Coming to Faith
      Introduction and Chapter One
  2. Session 2. God and His Creation
      Chapters Two
  3. Session 3. Jesus and His Blessed Mother
      Chapter Three
  4. Session 4. God Suffers Death
      Chapter Four
  5. Session 5. Death Has No Victory
      Chapter Five
  6. Session 6. The Holy Spirit
      Chapter Six
  7. Session 7. The Gift of the Church
      Chapter Seven
  8. Session 8. The Glorious and Final Things
      Chapter Eight

Part II. My Catholic Worship!

  1. Session 1. The Sacred Liturgy
      Introduction and Chapter One
  2. Session 2. Sacraments & Baptism
      Chapters Two and Three
  3. Session 3. Confirmation
      Chapter Four
  4. Session 4. The Most Holy Eucharist
      Chapter Five
  5. Session 5. The Sacraments of Healing
      Chapters Six and Seven
  6. Session 6. The Sacrament of Holy Orders
      Chapter Eight
  7. Session 7. The Sacrament of Matrimony
      Chapter Nine
  8. Session 8. Prayer
      Chapters Ten and Eleven

Part III. My Catholic Morals!

  1. Session 1. Who Am I?
      Introduction and Chapter One
  2. Session 2. The Law, Society, Grace and Salvation
      Chapter Two
  3. Session 3. Loving God
      Chapter Three
  4. Session 4. Loving Your Family
      Chapter Four
  5. Session 5. Murder, Anger, and Human Dignity
      Chapter Five
  6. Session 6. Chastity, Purity, Affection, and Marital Lov
      Chapter Six
  7. Session 7. Stealing and Coveting
      Chapter Seven
  8. Session 8. The Truth will Set You Free
      Chapter Eight

We hope you enjoy these Study Group Sessions by My Catholic Life! Have a blessed day! +

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