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posted by Webmaster on November 14, 2023

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30-Lesson Online Catechetical Course:
This 30-lesson online faith formation catechetical course is offerd by the Catholic Information Service (CIS).

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The Luke E. Hart Course is based upon the Catechism of Catholic Church. This in-depth series answers three questions of the deepest importance to any practicing Catholic, or person looking for a bettwe understanding of the Christian faith:

  1. What does a Catholic believe?
  2. How does a Catholic worship?
  3. How does a Catholic live?

The Luke E. Hart Series Course is intended for those who have never had any formal Catholic education. All 30-course-books are authored by Dr. Peter Kreeft and can be read online, download as a free PDF eBook, and/or complemented by an online audio "Listen to" of the narrative of each book. Each lesson includes a short online test which are immediately displayed and grade-point averages calculated.

Highly recommended!

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We hope you enjoy this Catholic Faith Formation Course by the Catholic Information Service (CIS). Have a blessed day! +

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30-Lesson Online Faith Formation Course