Catholic Faith Formation Courses
10-Lesson Online and/or Correspondence

posted by Webmaster on November 13, 2023

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Faith Formation Online Course:
This 10-lesson online faith formation course is offerd free by the Catholic Information Service (CIS).

As a search for truth (Veritas), this course addresses a number of topics about the Church, as well as issues facing Catholics around the world today, including guides to prayer, Catholic insights on dating, thoughts on the saints, and much more.

Faith Formation Correspondence Course:
This 10-lesson faith formation correspondence course is offerd free by the Catholic Information Service (CIS).

This course is made up of ten booklets which provide a series of readings on the basic beliefs of Catholics. Each lesson comes accompanied by a Lesson Summary and Questionnaire booklet and a test sheet, which is based on the material in the corresponding lesson.

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We hope you enjoy these Catholic Faith Formation Courses by the Catholic Information Service (CIS). Have a blessed day! +

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10-Lesson Faith Formation Online Course

10-Lesson Faith Formation Correspondence Course