Revised Standard Version Bible
- 2nd Catholic Edition (RSV-CE)
New Testament

posted by Webmaster on November 4, 2023

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Introduction to the RSV-CE:

The Revised Standard Version (RSV) of the Bible is an authorized revision of the American Standard Version (ASV), published in 1901, which was a revision of the King James Version (KJV), published in 1611. The Revised Standard Version of the Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, was published on September 30, 1952, and has met with wide acceptance. The Revised Standard Version Bible seeks to preserve all that is best in the English Bible as it has been known and used through the years. It is intended for use in public and private worship, not merely for reading and instruction. We have resisted the temptation to use phrases that are merely current usage, and have sought to put the message of the Bible in simple, enduring words that are worthy to stand in the great Tyndale-King James tradition.

This 2nd Catholic Edition New Testament is based on the Revised Standard Version. The Revised Standard Version is, of course, one of the more-highly-regarded modern translations of the Bible.

The New Testament of the RSV Second Catholic Edition differs somewhat both from the New Testament of the RSV and from that of the RSV Catholic Edition. It differs from the RSV—as the Introduction to the 1966 edition of the Catholic RSV notes—in that, in certain places where scholarship alone cannot determine the translation or the text, "considerations of Catholic tradition have favored a particular rendering or the inclusion of a passage omitted by the RSV translators." It differs from the RSV Catholic Edition in that archaisms (e.g., "thee" and "thou", along with their accompanying verbs, which the RSV uses when God is addressed) have been replaced by standard modern English.

The RSV Second Catholic Edition has also been revised according to Liturgiam Authenticam, the Vatican's instruction concerning vernacular languages in the Sacred Liturgy.

We hope you enjoy this Sacred Scripture Bible, Revised Standard Version - 2nd Catholic Edition (RSV-CE). Have a blessed day! +

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