Jerusalem Bible (JB)

posted by Webmaster on November 1, 2023

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Originally published in France, the Jerusalem Bible was the culmination of decades of research and biblical scholarship. It was immediately recognized the world over as one of the greatest Bible achievements of our times. The publication of the English translation in 1966 was equally enthusiastically received by scholars and readers of all faiths for its vigorous, contemporary literary style. It is truly the modern Bible for the modem reader seeking a greater understanding and appreciation of the scriptures.

In response to popular demand, here is an edition of The Jerusalem Bible to serve the needs of the general reader seeking a fresh, modern rendition of the Gospel message.

This Reader's Edition contains the complete and unabridged text of The Jerusalem Bible in a fluid, contemporary English translation. Making full use of the ancient Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew texts, the translators produced a vigorous and vital translation which has been widely hailed by biblical scholars and readers of all faiths for its graceful, modern English.

The Jerusalem Bible captures for contemporary man the vitality and immediacy that the Bible had for the first Christians in a translation that employs all the beauty and majesty of the English language- but always as a living language of the twentieth century.

We hope you enjoy this Sacred Scripture Bible, Jerusalem Bible (JB). Have a blessed day! +

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