A Practical Commentary On Holy Scripture

by Friedrich Justus Knecht
posted by Webmaster on January 13, 2024

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Originally published in 1910, this 881-page bible commentary seeks to expound upon and teach the Christian meaning of Scripure and help the reader understand the deeper meaning of select biblical text, to draw out it's truths, and to lay those truths before the student or inquirer.

From this books Preface, "the commentary brings out the typical character of persons and things; it unearths the truths buried in our Lord's parables; it unfolds the spiritual meaning underlying His miracles. But most of all, it shows what bearing Bible stories have on doctrines of faith and morals, on the cultus and institutions of the Church. Thus the teacher has to hand an instrument which, if wisely used, is admirably adapted for deepening the religious knowledge and strengthening the religious conviction of [people]."

Such is Dr. Knecht's account of the functions of the commentary.

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Download this PDF eBook below

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