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Thomas Matthias

updated December 6, 2023

My name is Thomas Matthias. Free Catholic Resources is the fruit of a labor of love and missionary task as a laity.

To the very best of my skills and ability I participate, as a lay vocation, in doing my part in participating in the Church's mission, while at the same time deepening my discipleship and growth in holiness.

The foundation and guide to my call is with the Nicene Creed as professed in each Mass.

I received the RCIA Sacraments of Initiation Easter 1995. My patron saint became Apostle Saint Matthias, the first Aplostle Elect of the Church (Acts 1:12-26). It was not I whom chose him, but he who chose me. I cooperated.

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Thomas Matthias & Ruth Katherine

This Website

Resources provided on this website are in accordance with the Church's teaching magisterium and makes extensive use of the Catechism of The Catholic Church (CCC). The authority of this website's publication is being exercised from the Decree on the Media of Social Communications: Inter Mirifica.

This website is formed in support of the Catholic Converts Discussion (a Facebook Group). The work on each website section, especially the GUIDES, stretches my creativity and energy to serve the Church in this ministry of the laity.

You may Contact Us through this website, or email me directly at Webmaster Thomas.